Aluminum Frame Suitcase Carry On Rolling Luggage

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The 3rd Generation 7mm Narrow Aluminum Frame Carry On Suitcase

1. Full front open quick access;
2. Rock-proof 15.6-inch laptop compartment;
3. YKK brand zipper, 9000 times slide test still smooth;
4. TSA customs lock, secure and convenient;
5. PVE rubberized 8 spinner wheels, mute and durable;
6. The 3rd generation aluminum alloy telescopic handle, the pipe is double thickness;
7. 3 years warranty, 15 days no reason return

Double Strength Aluminum Telescoping Handle

The telescopic handle is close to the inside of the box, which greatly enhances the space used in the case. Made of double-thick aluminum alloy(0.8mm) to enhance the strength of the handle while enhancing the appearance.

Luggage Material Knowledge

What is the difference between PC, PC+ABS, and ABS?

ABS: advantages: hard, high density, low price; disadvantages: very heavy, poor pressure resistance. The ABS trolley case is heavy and cannot be restored after the deformation. After the ABS trolley case is impacted, the box surface will be creased or even burst directly. It is not recommended!

ABS+PC: refers to ABS and PC mixture and then heat a layer of PC film, its performance is between ABS and PC, not as good as PC compression, the material is not as light as PC, the appearance must not be as good as PC.

PC: Also known as “Polycarbonate”, the advantages are: lightweight, heat resistance, wear resistance, toughness, and impact resistance. PC has the most outstanding impact resistance and high toughness, so PC boxes can withstand transportation squeeze, collide, or even step on. PC material has also been selected as the main material for astronaut helmet masks and aircraft cabin covers. Its lightweight solves the problem of load-bearing and improves the impact resistance of the aircraft. Disadvantages: The cost of a PC is very high.

In the carrying and transportation of the trolley case, the most important point to be concerned is “weight” and “impact resistance”. No one wants to take a bulky suitcase to travel. The PC material box is characterized by “light”! PC impact resistance is much higher than ABS. After the impact of the ABS trolley case, the box surface will appear to crease or even burst directly. After the PC box receives the impact, the depression can gradually rebound and return to the prototype. So that is why the better luggage suitcase uses pure PC material.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, everyone’s requirements for quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the advantages of PC trolley cases are obvious. Therefore, most people are also willing to purchase pure PC trolley cases with higher cost performance and a more fashionable appearance.

100% PC Material

To judge a trolley case’s quality, the key point is its material. We use a new type of composite PC material, which constitutes the main structure of the trolley case.

Different from some ABS+PC materials, the case body is very thin and light, and its elastic characteristics can achieve cushioning effect.

PC can bear 3 times pressure than ABS material while pc cost is also higher than ABS. So that’s why famous brand luggages like use PC material.

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6 reviews for Aluminum Frame Suitcase Carry On Rolling Luggage

  1. high quality... same as advertised

  2. Worth excellent suitcase

  3. Shipping came incredibly fast than think are pretty and wheels parts and glittered four key

  4. The suitcase is very light, the wheels are perfectly spinning. Compact suitcase for trips for a short time. The compartment for Things opens the same way as the laptop, where the cover opens. This makes it possible to easily put some thing, if you remembered it when the suitcase is already packed. Silicone case does not hide the color of the suitcase, but I do not think that it will remain unprofitable after several trips. But it's not scary, you can buy synthetic. !!! After payment from Russian customs require to send full passport data to the buyer. I was worried about such a request, but the store assured me it was an ordinary procedure. It did. I'm happy with the purchase, I recommend the seller.

  5. A good suitcase, came with a protective cover. There is a compartment for a computer that you can get without opening the whole suitcase. I also liked that the suitcase opens with a lid, and does not fall apart into two parts and therefore takes up less space.

  6. Suitcase bomb, with a cover came. Thank you very much. I'm happy.

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