Delayed flight is intentional. So, don’t be upset if you happen to know that the delay of the plane for boarding or landing is not a coincidence. The aircraft cannot keep passengers inside after the flight ends for more than three hours, but the pilot is instructed to delay the landing for some time to arrive at a specific date is the safest for you and the rest of the flights.

Aircraft fuel may run out before arrival. Airlines or pilots do not tell you that they are going up without being fully loaded with fuel. This is for the safety and weight standards of the aircraft, but it may land anywhere to take enough fuel if it runs out during the flight before the arriving point.

Disclose the contents of your bag for greater compensation. Haven’t you imagined that you could receive double compensation if you accidentally lost your bag from the company during the trip? You should make a complaint to the airline and inform them that your bag contains valuables or very important things. Some US airlines give additional compensation if they know that the contents are critical to the traveler

Even if your booking is non-refundable, you are entitled to a cash refund if your flight is canceled by mistake or delayed by the airline or there is no seat for you on the booked flight.

Do not book all tickets once if you want to book a family trip or with your friends thinking that booking for all individuals at the same time may give you a discount on the price of tickets. You are mistaken. You have to book for each one individually and do not book the whole group at once. Sometimes airlines offer bids for one or two tickets, so you can’t take advantage of this offer if you book four tickets together, for instance.

Your open phone does not drop the plane. A quick phone call or sending a necessary message from your phone will not cause the aircraft to drop. It has never been recorded a plane crash because of a phone call on board, but that doesn’t mean you keep your phone open during the flight.

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